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Diksha Bhardwaj
3 min readJan 6, 2021

Astrology has gained huge popularity today, and more people are looking out for the best Gemstones or gems. It is a strong belief that Gemstones have a significant effect on a person’s life. Gemstones are rarely found in the world and can change the lifestyle of a person and turn him from a pauper to a millionaire. Many people believe that it is their shortcut to success, but only if you get the correct Gemstones from genuine Gemstone Dealers. Also, women prefer to have their elegant jewellery made with precious gemstones. Grotal is the most trusted online platform to find reliable Gemstone Dealers in Pune.

A Gemstone is also called a fine gem, jewel, a precious stone or semi-precious stone. It is a piece of mineral crystal that is cut and polished to use it further to make attractive jewellery and adornments. The cost of mining is increasing with time. Also, natural gemstones are becoming rarer to find. The value of Gemstones is rising, mainly due to their scarcity and their invaluable benefits to people’s success.

With increasing popularity and trust in Gemology, people in Pune others states in India buy precious jewels from the leading Gemstone Dealers in Pune. Those who wish to purchase gemstones must ensure that they check out the following points.

Gemologists worldwide consider the quality of Gemstones based on “Three Cardinal Virtues of a Gem.” They are:

· Beauty

· Durability

· Rarity

Let us discuss the first C in this article.

Beauty of Gemstones

As every piece of jewellery or valuable birthstone, the prime focus of Gemstone Dealers in Pune and worldwide is on the beauty of a Gem. The beauty of a Gemstone is defined by the “5 C-s” which are characterized by:

· Colour — Mostly, the colour of natural gemstones is due to the impurities or natural presence of finely dispersed particles of minerals as in case of diamond crystals. Gemologists believe that light-coloured crystals have better quality. But for the coloured stones, like Ruby and Emerald, the darker the colour implies better quality.

· Cut — Cut means the final form in which a rough gemstone is shaped. There are accurate angle proportions of cutting or polishing, which gives the true brilliance to a gem. Gemstone Dealers examine a gemstone’s beauty by reviewing the type of cut, symmetry, and polish on the crown, pavilion, and girdle portion of the stone. For example, faceted stones have a brilliant cut.

· Clarity — Clarity means inclusions within a stone and indicates the gemstone’s transparency. Inclusions refer to foreign materials. Lesser the number of inclusions means better quality. The clarity of Gemstones is generally judged by the number of inclusions and the colour of inclusions.

· Carat — Carat of Gemstones gives the value of these stones. Abbreviated as “ct”, and it is a measure of a gemstone’s weight. It is equal to 200 milligrams.

· Certification — These days, most famous Gemstone Dealers use only certified gemstones in their jewellery. Authorized Gem Testing Laboratories give certificates for authentic gems.

To conclude

Next time you want to buy birthstones or wear your favourite jewellery design made of precious gemstones, just check-out the points mentioned above. Grotal enlists all the popular Gemstone Dealers in Pune, who will help you make the best choice.



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