Importance Of Speaking About Mental Health Disorders Openly

“Strong mental health is what, which is very much needed in today’s competitive world to avoid mental health disorder and one should know about this”.

Mental Health Disorder is one of the most serious issues and it has taken a rise during the current situation of Coronavirus. Putting yourself in the isolation and social distancing is the only way to get yourself protected from Coronavirus. During this situation of isolation, people are feeling lonely and depressed. Mental Illness can happen to both genders either it’s male or female. The ratio of males suffering from mental illness issues is less in comparison to women and also in last year the ratio of the men taking mental illness treatment is very less in comparison to the women. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, the suicidal cases of men are more in comparison to women.

“What mental health need is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

A well said a quote from Glenn Close shows that we should not feel ashamed of talking about our mental health condition and we should talk about this openly with someone.

Mental Health Disorder Definition:

Mental health disorder is also known as a mental illness that has many different types of mental conditions. Mental illness is a kind of disorder that belongs to the mind. When a person is suffering from mental illness then it will lead to a sudden change in their behavior, mood swings. Some of the common examples of mental illness are anxiety attacks, depression, mood disorder, and schizophrenia disorder.

Symptoms Of Mental Health Disorder:

You can not exactly get to know directly that a person is suffering from mental illness or not but few symptoms can help you in this.

  • Sudden change in their behavior or an energyless body language.
  • Lots of mood swings or sudden anger on small things.
  • Sleeping or eating too much more than usual that person does.
  • The person starts keeping him/herself away from others and prefers to stay alone at a place or in a room.
  • Such people feel helpless and can not get able to deal with the problems of daily life and start taking stress about the problems.
  • The person starts thinking about suiciding or harming.
  • Can’t get able to explain the feelings of the pain from which is he/she is going through.

How To Deal With Mental Health Disorders:

When a person gets to know that he/she is suffering from mental illness/Mental Health Disorder and you want to get rid of this then you can follow these things which can help you to get recover.

  • You can consult with a counselor or a specialist to get help.
  • Instead of staying alone, you should go outside and talk to your family or any other special person with whom you can share your feelings.
  • Try to keep yourself from negative vibes and negative people.
  • Do some exercise or yoga, meditation daily to keep yourself active physically and mentally.
  • Try to spend time doing things that give relaxation to you and gives inner happiness to you.
  • Take a complete and proper sleep on time.

Do We Need To Discuss Metal Health Openly?

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