Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Nails Extensions Before Trying it!

Diksha Bhardwaj
3 min readDec 2, 2019
The new trend in town.

At present, Nail extensions are in trend. The artificial nails used over the natural nails which are coated with the nail paints or gel for more dazzling looks called nails extensions. It can be either forms or tips, cover the ends only while the forms cover the whole surface of your nails. You can use it in homes or can opt to get them fixed professionally at nail extensions salons in Gurgaon. The nails extensions look awesome and give a perfect look but, at the same time, some disadvantages are associated with nails extensions.

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Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Nails Extensions and enables you to make a wise decision while using nail extensions.

Following are some of the advantages of Nail Extensions;


1. Classy and Beautiful looks; Nail Extensions in Gurgaon will give your nails a perfect Aesthetic look, also nail extension will help you in hiding the imperfection of your nails by giving them a perfect look there is no doubt that. Just like the natural nails, these extensions have the same edges and points. Your nails will be more attractive and smooth just don’t ask for the polishing and buffing before the application of nail polish. To create stunning nail art nail extensions either tip or form creates a marvelous black base.

2. Protection for natural nails; many people think that nails extensions pose health threats but nails extensions are used to protect the brittle nail prone to breaking and splitting you will be surprised to know that nails extensions. Do you know you broke and split nails will become infected and if they are covered with the nice and quality nail extensions they will be protected?


3. At the same time, it is said that nail extensions are applied improperly or used at the same time with unhygienic glue and then tools, with this it can become infected and cause health issues to your nails and nails beds. You increase the chance of risk of getting your nails infection There are the chances that fungal infection may occur in-between natural and artificial nails and they usually go unnoticed and are transferred to other items, people and the food you touch and eat. Poorly or incorrectly applied for nail extension also avert the natural nail growth and harms the nail that may be dangerous in the long term.

4. The look and feel of nail extensions are often unpleasant for some people in the beginning. When you first touch or reach any surface the nail extensions may create a strange sensation. with time the wearer gets used to it but, for the majority of the people performing everyday tasks with extension is somehow difficult and troublesome.

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These are some genuine facts about nail extensions but, the disadvantages can be eliminated if used carefully and properly with full precautions. However, better is to get it done professionally through Nail Extensions in Gurgaon.



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