Top 10 Most Famous Dance Style | Dance Forms In the World

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“Dance it does not only make us move our body but also moves our souls.” It is also a source of stress buster. So here are the top 10 most famous dance styles that you can learn?

Dance is the medium for expressing our emotions. I think we all dance as per the situation. Some of us dance when they are happy, some of us dance when we are sad. In short we all dance as per our comfort. There are many dance styles in the world, some of them are ancient and some are originated in the current times. If we talk about dance then, there are different cultural dance forms also which we are using for ages and the best thing about them is that they are still so famous. Here in this article, we are going to discuss famous dance style or dance forms in the world.

List Of Various Types Of Dance forms | Famous Dance Style Around The World;

1. Kathak:

Kathak is a famous dance style of which is getting used for ages and it is one from the Indian classical dance form. The word Kathak is taken from the two different words of Sanskrit which is Indian Vedic language. ‘Katha’ & ‘Kathakar’ where Katha means Story and Kathakar mean Story Teller. Kathak originated from the traditional traveling bards of North India who are known as Kathakars. This was originated during the Bhakti Movement, generally used to narrate the stories of Hindu God Lord Krishna and also in the courts of Nort Indian Kingdom. The Kathakars communicate their stories by the expressions of their eyes, faces, and movements of their hand and feet.

2. Salsa:

The salsa dance form was originated in 1960 in New York City. Salsa is a dance form which is generally performed by two people in pair. The weight of a dancer get shifts by stepping, the body of the dancer does not get affected by the change in weight and also the upper portion of the body remains level.

3. Belly Dance:

Belly dance style gets originated in Egypt. It is quite an expressive type of style, which is a folk dance of the middle east. Belly dance is a quite famous dance style that is popular for the costumes and also after the involvement of new styles.

4. Ballet:

Ballet dance gets originated in Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and later it becomes the dance form in France and Russia. For becoming a perfect ballet dancer you need to spend your time for years of training.

5. Hip-Hop-Dance:

Hip-Hop is a kind of dance form that refers to street dance which people perform on Hip-Hop music. It includes lots of dance styles but the primary is famous for breaking. It comes in origin in 1970 and the dance crews of the United States make it popular. This dance form is one of the famous dance forms in the present day.

6. Tap Dance:

Tap dance is a type of dance style in which we use the sounds which get produced by striking the tap shoes on the floor, the toe of these shoes is of metal which produces the sound. There is a wide range of tap dance but it mainly includes Broadway Tap and Rhythm (Jazz) Tap.

7. B-Boying Or Break Dance:

B-Boying is an athletic style of street dance of the United States which is also called breaking and Break dancing. It was originated in 1970 by African American youth. It is the most famous dance style which is worldwide due to its popularity especially in Western Countries like America, England, Canada, Russia.

8. Line Dance:

Line dance is a form of dance that is performed by a group of people in a Line or row that’s why it is known as Line Dance. In this dance form, people who are performing in the group executes the steps at the same time and they must be in the same direction or facing each other. In this dance form, there is no physical contact between the people who are performing in the group.

9. Gangnam Style:

Gangnam Style comes in origin in on 12th July 2012 at Gangnam District of South Korea (Seoul) and on 21st December 2012, it becomes the first video on YouTube to reach 1 billion views. This becomes so much popular in Western Countries (Canada, US, and the UK) and the President of these countries also performed on it(David Cameron PM of the UK, Barack Obama PM Of US).

10. Yangko Dance:

Yangko Opera or Drama is a form of Chinese sung theater that is founded in China in 1942. In this dance the participants follow the three steps which are three steps forward, three steps backward then pause and repeat.

“ In the above article, we have discussed the famous dance styles or dance forms of the world. I believe every one of us has danced at least once in life and with dance we can easily express our feeling. So dance like no one is watching you, be you try to be yourself and dance openly. “

Keep dancing, stay healthy, and fit.

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