Top 5 Sexiest Wives Of Basketball Players

These players are not only famous for their game but their sexiest wives also make them famous. Do you know about the top 5 sexiest wives of basketball players?

If the male basketball players attract the audience on the field then the sexiest wives of the basketball players mesmerize the people across the world with their stylish, hot looks and dressing style. These beautiful wives of the basketball players are the center of attraction among the people and they have a separate fan following apart from their star husbands. So here’s the list of the beautiful wives of the basketball players.

List Of 5 Sexiest Wives Of Basketball Players | Beautiful Wives Of Basketball Players:

1. Larsa Younan:

Larsa Younan is the wife of basketball player Scottie Pippen. She was born on 6th July 1974 in Chicago, IL, USA. She has four children Scotty Pippen, Sophia Pippen, Preston Pippen, Justin Pippen. Even after being the mother of four children, she has still managed to be the sexy one. She got married to Scottie Pippen in the year of 1997. She is at number one in the list of 5 sexiest wives of basketball.

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2. Vanessa Macias:

Vanessa Macias was born on 14th August 1980 at San Antonio, Texas, USA. She got married to Tim Duncan and the couple has a daughter Quill Duncan. She is a TV reporter and Model and also was in a TV reality show.

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