What Is the Difference Between Living And Non-Living Things?

Living and non-living things are part of the earth. Do you know the difference?

In our daily life, we find many things which can be living and non-living things. Earth contains a lot of things like trees, mountains, animals, humans, and many other things that make up the ecosystem. In ecosystem living, things can breathe, move, grow, eat, reproduce, and have senses. Trees can not walk like other living things and also can not be able to express their feelings when they get cut. Let us discuss the different characteristics and differences between living and nonliving things.

What Are Living Things?

Living things are known as those things whose structures are known as cells which exhibit the locomotion or movement. They have metabolism and includes the catabolic and anabolic reactions. For the survival of living things, they need Oxygen, Food, Water, Temperature, and Light.

Characteristics Of Living Things:

  • Living things have the sense to feel the changes in their ambiance. They are touch-sensitive.
  • Living things can produce their kind by the process of reproduction.
  • They acquire and fulfill their nutritional requirements to survive through the process of nutrition and digestion, which involves engulfing and digesting the food.
  • The food which gets digested by the body gets eliminated by the process of excretion.
  • The growth of living things contains different stages of development.

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