What Is the Difference Between Solute And Solvent?

Solute and Solvent what makes them different from each other?

Solute and Solvent both are different from each other. When a matter gets dissolved in a solution or a mixture that is known as solute whereas when a gas or a liquid gets dissolved into another liquid, gas, or solid is known as a solvent. A solution is a mixture of two or more homogeneous substances where the dissolved substance is known as solute and the substance in which the solute get dissolved is known as a solvent.

Solute Vs Solvent:

What Is Solute?

It is known as a substance that gets dissolves into a substance. Mostly a solute is a solid compound but it can also be in the form of solid, liquid, and gas. Some of the examples of the solute are salt from seawater, oxygen in the air, and sugar in water. It will only get dissolved in the solvent when both have enough stronger attractive forces to overcome the molecular forces and holding the particles. Generally, in comparison to the solvent, a solute has a very minor amount in the solution. But there is a process of saturation during which a solvent does not get able to dissolve any solute in it. Example:- A basic example for both from our daily life is that when we make a cup of tea then we add tea leaves, sugar, and milk into hot water. Where hot water act as solvent and tea leaves, sugar, milk is the solutes.




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Diksha Bhardwaj

Diksha Bhardwaj

Animal Lover 🐶, Foodie 🥪, Coffee Supplies ☕, Tattooed 🔱, Visual Storyteller 🗒️, Keep it real on and offline .✌️

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