What Is The Difference Between Stems And Roots?

Diksha Bhardwaj
2 min readSep 11, 2020

We all always appreciate the branches of the tree but it’s the Stems and Roots that hold the complete tree and provides the strength to it.

Stems and Roots both are important as the branches are important for trees. They both provide a strong base and strength to a tree but when it comes to differentiating both Stems and Roots then many of us got confused. This article is about clearing the difference between both of them.

Stems Vs Roots:


Stems are the major part of the vascular plants that possess leaves, fruits, buds, and roots. The main function of the stems is to transfer water and minerals, fluids, and nutrients and it gets converted into useful products after the process of photosynthesis and then these products get transferred to the complete parts of the plant or tree. Xylem supports the process of transferring minerals, nutrients, and other necessary products to all the parts.


Roots are the part of the plant that remains underground and plays an important role in absorbing the important water and minerals which are available in the soil and reserves foods. The leaf scars and lacking buds are the main distinctions of the stems, the branches, and the root caps which get originated from the internal tissues and buds. When we sow a seed and it gets germinated then its the roots which are the first part of the tree or a plant that comes into the origin. It is called Geotropic because it gets grows under the ground or soil and seedling gets anchored. The radicals grow into the taproot in gymnosperms and angiosperms, the secondary roots are laterally from it because it grows downwards. There are some plants (Carrots, Radish, Turnip) whose taproots got served as food storage. There are some like grass and monocotyledons which have a kind of fibrous root which same diameter and possesses the mass of roots.

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